Saturday, June 09, 2007

So not fair!

Sometimes I really do wish I could stay mad at her. Even for just 5 minutes. She makes it impossible though. It's her eyes. Just like her daddy's and they get me every time.

5 seconds after pouring my water out all over the couch:


Sometimes you are a turd, but I will always love you anyway.

♥Mum mum

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just as claustrophobia sets in...

We are four people and two cats living in a VERY tiny 2BR apartment. This place has no room left for anything and we are on the verge of losing our minds. We need a house with a yard so badly it hurts but sadly we didn't think it would be a possibility because of our bad BAD credit. Well an awesome thing happened... my in-laws have said it is "a probability" that they will co-sign on a house for us and we should start looking into it. OMG! I have never been more excited ever! Yay! Wish us luck and pray that they are serious.

Above is the house of our dreams and it is IN OUR BUDGET. Hopefully we can get things worked out soon and it will still be available.

Paris Hilton is so NOT hot!

Who the fuck let her out of jail?! Do they really think "confinement" to her 8 bedroom mansion with a staff of 10 is any kind of punishment?! I would PAY to do that! I bet they let her out because she wouldn't eat the food and they wanted to avoid a lawsuit. Do they really think she eats? People, please. Get some sense cause you got played.

Finnegan's first smile... caught on camera.

I'm not even going to try and pretend we are the attentive camera-at-the-ready parents we once were. When Layla was a baby life was much different and every milestone was caught on camera. It's just not happening with Finn. It can't. If it did CPS would have to be called for the neglect of our eldest. It's not that we don't care for or love Finn as much as his sister, we just don't have the time or energy to make every second of his life a photo op as we did with her.

So, I will not try and fool you. We have gotten many smiles out of this little man, but please bare witness to the first smile captured on camera.

"How's this mama?"

"What about this?"

"OK, I think we got it."

"Really mom, I'm done."


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Would you rather...?" Wednesday

I was going to stat this last week but got lazy because, well, I hardly ever get the chance with two kids to be lazy. So we will start this week and I hope the two of you that read my blog (if I'm lucky) will find it enjoyable. Some of you may already be familiar with this game. I hope if you are you will forgive me for stealing the idea as I think playing this in a blog is just a valid as playing it in my living room.

Here is how it goes: I will pose wild questions and ask you to choose between the two options provided. I recommend that you choose your answer and then justify and defend it to the death. There are two basic rules:

  1. 1. Abstinence is strictly forbidden! The phrases " I won't choose either", "Neither one", "Who cares" and/or "I would rather die" should never be uttered while discussing a question.
  2. 2. No condiments, plastic surgery, or actions that change the spirit of the question may be added to the scenario.

So with that said here we go:

Would you rather...

Get caught by your boss masturbating in your favorite superhero costume


screwing his/her spouse?

Answer in comments and be honest. It's good for you. :D

Mommy feels like a loser...

I have no friends. Really, none. No one that I can really confide in besides my husband and that is a really lonely feeling. I wrote an old friend, told him I missed him and hoped we could talk and catch up. Nothing. I know he read the message because on MySpace it tells you if your message has been read. No response. So me = loser. It does not feel good. I need some "me people" people. Someone other than my husband or my kids that shares my interests and can talk about more than babies and will smack me if I talk about mine too much.